Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend running at Fort Yargo

Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA is our go-to for the closest trail running. I hit it yesterday early for a long run and got in about 13 miles. Good times.

Then this morning I went back with Jon for a shorter run. Our plan was 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. Jon was telling me to go ahead since he would be slower than me. Jenny was planning to join us.

I was up at 6 thinking we would be leaving to get an early start. After getting some coffee going I went to check on Jon. Had to wake him up so he could tell me the plan was to go at 7:30. They just forgot to give me the plan. :)

So Jon and I hung out waiting for Jenny to get up so we could leave at 7:30. But that didn't happen. Jenny missed her alarm or something. Jon and I went ahead and left at 7:30 to get moving.

Down at the park we started at the bridge across the lake. Such a nice morning.

Lake at Yargo

The trails at Yargo are shared with the mountain bikers and that usually makes for nice trails.

Lake trail at Yargo

Early on I chased Jon.

Jon on the trail

But I bonked out pretty hard. Some runs I get all shaky and stuff after 15-20 minutes. Usually I eat some snacks and by 35 minutes I'm good.

Here I'm walking it out trying to get through the tough stretch.

Crossing the dam, I'm still working on it.

Jon passed me on his way back moving well. I made the turnaround and started feeling more like it. So I picked up the pace to run Jon down.

I managed to start closing on Jon on the way back. Here he's running across the dam.

Jon running across the dam at Yargo

I went by him around the lake.

We ran on in and made it home in time for church. Except that church wasn't happening today. So we ate instead.

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