Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lunch running

I'm still easing back into the blogging routine. And I'm still wishing I had the old blog around. But it's okay.

New days are ahead.

Meanwhile my lunch runs continue to be a highlight of the workday. I try to do weights in the gym on mornings of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Tuesday morning is light cardio in the gym. Thursday morning is the most excellent boot camp class. Tuesday lunch is another boot camp.

So that leaves Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for lunch runs. These are all pretty easy runs since I space them around boot camps.

Thurdays I might do some hill repeats to build on the morning boot camp. Mon, Wed, and Fri I just go according to how I feel that day. Usually running for an hour+, I'll get in 6-8 miles.

Running around the office I won't find any trails, so I stay on dirt where ever I can find it.

See the trail here? It's only good when the grass is cut.

See the trail?

We do have a paved trail that runs a half mile around the lake on campus.

 Lake at work

It's a great place for getting out of the lab.

Lake at work

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