Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waiting for Nathan and other things

Recent events include moving my oldest son, Nathan, to his new place. We purchased a small house in Winder and he's renting from us.

Here's Nathan in the new place.

Nathan's new place

He's pretty happy with the fast internet and TV on the Roku box.

His new place is much closer to our house which was one of the main goals of moving. So we can spend more time with him and help out when needed. I took him to the Ingles nearby for grocery shopping.

Nathan takes a while to buy groceries. I enjoyed a coffee and chili while waiting patiently.

Chili & Coffee @ Ingles waiting for Nathan

Chili wasn't bad, but I prefer Wendy's. Didja know Wendy's is now serving baked sweet potatoes? How good is that?

Baked Sweet Potato @ Wendy's!

It's served with a buttery, brown sugar condiment. Yummy.

And here's most favored daughter Jenny on the porch at Andy and Nancy's house in Charlotte. Just for fun.

Jenny on the porch at Andy & Nancy's house

Sunday morning I headed to Fort Yargo for a run. It was raining when I started.

Yargo trailhead on a wet day

And raining when I finished. Lots of puddles, lots of mud, lots of fun.

I stopped by Nathan's house after the run to pick him up for a Mother's Day visit. He wasn't quite ready so I went to Bojangles for coffee and a biscuit while he showered.

It's Bo Time!

I have decided that waiting for Nathan can have its benefits.

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  1. Most favored indeed. ;-) Thanks for that.

    All the food! Now I'm hungry.