Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Voice in My Head

I had planned to take Mom to lunch today for a late Mother's Day.  Then she had to reschedule.  We'll try that again tomorrow.

So I got to run instead and headed out for hill repeats.  Slow hill repeats. 

Thursday morning boot camp was tough today.  Lots of stairs and other assorted goodies left us all looking like a wet noodle.  We enjoyed a recovery cinnamon roll courtesy of Lois' 80-something mom.

At lunch I jogged up the driveway at work headed for the longish hill.  Lots of room beside the driveway to run in the grass and that's where we do hill repeats.  It's about 300 yards with a decent incline.

And usually I do 10 repeats.  Run (sorta) up the hill, turn around and jog back down.  Repeat.

Today the voice in my head started right up telling me how hard boot camp was this morning.  How 10 repeats were an awful lot and maybe 6 would be good today.

I bat that idea around while the repeats continue.  I don't mind listening to the voice in my head but I need to keep moving.

I get to the 6th and keep moving.  The voice pipes up with how 8 would really be a good number considering how the legs feel.  This stuff really goes on in my head.

7 and 8 go by and I keep moving.  The voice kinda shuts up for a bit, then starts talking about which direction to take after 9 and 10.  Easy way back to work or around the corner for 2 more miles.

I listen to the voice and finish 9 and 10.  Easy way is straight ahead but the legs know better.  Back down the hill and around the corner for 2 more miles to finish with 5 miles total.

I don't have to argue since I'm not going that fast.  It doesn't really hurt and the day is beautiful.

The voice is always there offering alternatives to the planned workout.  I'll listen but I got to keep moving.

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  1. I have that voice too. Must be hereditary. :P