Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

I got in two runs over Memorial Day weekend.

First was at Fort Yargo on Saturday morn. I showed up early and temps were cool. I thought I was doing fine until about halfway.

Then I kind of bottomed out energy wise and slowed a lot. I got back to the parking lot with 11 miles done in 2:30.

At the car I shot some video to show how humid it was.

I was puny all day after that. The scale had me 4 pounds lighter after the run and that was after lots of water.

So I rested on Sunday and ate more to make up for it.

Monday I went to Harbins Park early and things were better. Lower humidity and I didn't go as long. 8 miles in 1:40.

I ran the bike trails off the paved section and didn't see anybody.

Well, nobody on a bike anyway. This guy was friendly enough.


Later I ran across another one that was a bit more shy.


Good trails at Harbins.

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