Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainy run at Ft. Yargo

So Jenny and I were planning a run at Ft. Yargo Sunday morning. Plan was to get up at 7 and head to the park. We'd run for an hour or so and send Jenny home. Then I'd go out on my own for more miles.

We woke up to rain. Jenny woke up first and won't let me forget it. :)

Anyways we drove down to Yargo and suited up. Coffee for now. Waffle for later.


We started down the inner loop trail, walking easy to warm up.


We ran easy too. Worked our way around through the campground and to the dam.


Crossed the long bridge to keep the mileage down and passed by this family enjoying the wet weather.


We were talking the whole way around. Or as Jenny put it in her tweet, #yapyapyapyap.

Party time!


Waffles make the party.


It's the simple things.


We made it back to the cars and enjoyed an orange before Jenny headed home. I went back out for some more on the outer loop.

When I got to the connector trail intersection, I decided to see what it was like. So down that trail for an out and back.

The connector trail runs over to the city park. So if somebody was wanting to hike or bike but didn't want to pay the 5 buck fee at Yargo, they could park at the city park and take the connector trail. It's blazed green and intersects with the outer loop before ending at the inner loop. I think it was almost a mile each way. Easy running.

Back on the outer loop and the rain is picking up.

I had about 3 hours and 10 miles so I decided to cut through the campground and take the inner loop back to the car.

It was a good choice. I finished with 4 hours and 15 miles.

Home for hot coffee and breakfast burrito.

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