Saturday, June 9, 2012

ADD Drugs in Athens, GA

Jon and I were tasked to pick up a box springs in Athens today. So we took the opportunity to take a little detour over to Five Points in Athens to eat lunch at ADD Drugs.

ADD is an old school drug store complete with lunch counter.

Jon started off with a chocolate malt.


I had a sip. Crazy good.

The two ladies working the counter have been there for years.


Jon and I had been here before about a year ago to celebrate getting his driver's license. And they remembered us.

One lady said, "Weren't you guys here after getting his license?". I couldn't believe they remembered that.

Anyway, the french fries are perfect.


But this is why we came back.


The pimento cheese burger. They make the pimento cheese. Man, it's better than the Varsity.

We're happy.


Cheesy goodness.


The prices are old school too.


If you get a chance, go visit. They're next to Earth Fare and closed on game days. Worth the trip.

After getting the box springs, we stopped at Trader Joe's for necessities.


Like chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered s'mores. Stuff like that.


And coffee. We were almost out of coffee.

I like Trader Joe's. I like being close to Athens.

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