Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lazy Sunday.

At least I feel lazy after knocking off a 10 miler around town this morning.  Janis is working on a class this semester and needed me around to watch stuff while she studied.  So I got out early for some road miles to free up the rest of the day.

Not many folks out and about in Jefferson, GA at 7 on a Sunday morning.  So, like I said on Facebook, it was mostly me and the cows.  Which made for a pretty good run.  I'm dang sore from Thursday's boot camp but not bad after a couple miles to loosen up.

Rather be on the trails, but the country roads are nice too.  Running from the house saves an hour or so and I made it back by 9 to help out.

Janis just headed upstairs hoping for a short nap so I'm on the front porch enjoying the breeze.  Nothing lets my obsessive self relax better than an early run.  After that the rest of the day is all good.

I'm thinking I'll write some reports covering recent races.  But I didn't take pics so I'm waffling back and forth.  (mmmmmm . . . waffles)    I imagine I'll get around to something eventually if I stick with the blog.  It's all about me.  :)

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